Global harmony in education

Exploring, Expanding, Enlightening

We are dedicated to quality collaborative efforts and robust communication to help create, sustain and enhance international learning experiences.

AHEA’s mission

The mission of the American Higher Education Alliance (AHEA) is to promote and facilitate higher education opportunities that create, sustain and enhance international learning experiences. We believe that international education should be afforded to every student and university worldwide. And we are working to make that happen.


AHEA’s Vision

Our vision is to make a difference in the global community, with each and every student, every university and every partner. Developing future leaders through international education promotes agile learners who are disposed to lifelong learning. Collectively, we can connect the global community, through education and experience.

AHEA’s values

Education, accountability, integrity, excellence, diversity, inclusion and respectful engagement are the values that drive AHEA. With a goal to eliminate barriers to international education through content, connection and leadership, AHEA seeks to stand above the fray and make a difference. AHEA Quality Assurance Measures (QAMs), collaborative processes and technology platform serve to enhance all aspects of global education.

Our goal is to enable communication of current programs, help develop new ones and connect member Universities globally. we build international partnerships.

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