Delivering an unparalleled educational experience for a lifetime

Our platform provides the support your institution needs to create and host virtual courses and collaboration opportunities. Students utilize the platform to gain a diverse educational experience and achieve a global perspective.

Our platform gives you the tools to offer certificate and degree programs. These resources fortify the skills learners need to continue excelling in the working world.

How can your institution prepare students for a lifetime of success?

Introducing InspirED

InspirED™ is the only platform that combines professional engagement with student lifecycle management, learning management, CRM, and analytics. Our single, flexible, tailored platform alleviates the need for multiple systems.

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Foster Collaboration

CollaboratED™ is the world’s first professional engagement platform. You can network, engage, and collaborate with your peers around the corner and around the globe.

Our solution provides the tools, templates, and best practices needed to create co-taught courses, co-author scholarly articles, embark on research, host and participate in peer reviews, and more. Using CollaboratED™ in tandem with AHEA’s international network helps you enhance your professional knowledge while giving your students the world.

Improve Academic Delivery

BlendED™ is the modern LMS platform that integrates pedagogy with technology. Eliminating the technical challenges associated with multiple systems means you can focus on teaching instead of technology.

You can view course information and resources from your students’ perspective, as well as your own, so you can provide timely guidance that helps them achieve academic success.

Support Student Success

ConnectED™ is the only lifecycle management solution natively combining student information, CRM, and analytics.

Our solution manages the entire student lifecycle, from recruitment to alumni cultivation. Once prospects are entered into the system, you can track their communications, activities, courses, and financial transactions.

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InspirED™ offers educational institutions, faculty, and students the ability to interact in a purposeful and productive way, changing higher education on a global scale.

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Yes, I want to be InspirED

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