AHEA is dedicated to providing higher education institutions around the world with an opportunity to increase their international student enrollment.



Expanding Your Global Classroom

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, AHEA is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3)organization that builds meaningful partnerships with higher education institutions both here and abroad by combining proprietary technology and quality assurance measures to enhance institutional effectiveness, facilitate faculty engagement, and promote student exchange.

AHEA was founded to facilitate interactions within the global higher education community. It is through this higher education environment that mutual understanding and trust may be developed among and between people of different cultures and educational backgrounds. AHEA does not represent a single institution nor sector of higher education, instead, we provide guidance and support to global institutions and students based upon their unique areas of study and international goals of the institution.


jesselton college

Jesselton College is a private higher education institution located in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. The college was established over 20 years ago, and offers educational programs in business, tourism, arts, law, and languages. In keeping with its mission and vision, Jesselton College is dedicated to expanding its education network to include international institutions.

Anhui Xinhua University Logo

Anhui Xinhua University is the first private higher education institution in the Anhui Province of China authorized to offer undergraduate and higher vocational education. The university has 11 schools, two teaching departments and 58 undergraduate majors. Students at the university have participated in several scientific and technology competitions that have resulted in numerous invention patents.

NBUC Logo_(Small) (002)

North Borneo University College, in Malaysia, offers over 15 programs to 6,500+ students across eight campuses. As the first private university college in Sabah to offer a post graduate program, innovation is intrinsic to the institution’s DNA. The university is equipped with state-of-the-art resources that include drone technology, ground penetrating radar, forensic lab, Armedeus Lab and an e-library.

dominican university

Dominican University of California is an independent university located in Marin County, California, USA. The university enjoys a century-long reputation for excellence in research, community outreach, and scholarship. Dominican offers over 60 academic programs that reflect the diversity and creativity of its faculty and students, as well as a respect and appreciation for global interdependence.

Education Abroad Programs

AHEA is dedicated to providing higher education institutions around the world with an opportunity to increase their international student enrollment. Through our proprietary technology, we deliver significant efficiencies to attracting and managing higher education students.

Innovation & Technology


AHEA has partnered with Tower Education Technologies to develop new solutions for higher education. We believe that technology should improve teaching and learning, not just manage student records. It should support skills development and graduate employment, not just degree attainment. Ultimately, it’s EdTech’s responsibility to help us adapt to the 21st century by engaging with one another as global citizens.


InspirED platform is designed to support the critical mission and goals of higher education. Whether an institution is focused on assessing and improving effectiveness and outcomes, developing new growth strategies, improving student engagement, or evolving their curriculum and taking faculty development to new heights, students, faculty and staff will be InspirED by our technology.


Students are always connected and online. Institutions can empower students’ learning, expand their engagement, and improve their outcomes with ConnectED, the newest lifecycle management solution for colleges and universities. ConnectED natively combines student information, CRM, analytics, and artificial intelligence applications to drive growth, efficiency and outcomes for institutions and exceed students’ educational experience.


To keep pace with students’ learning styles and needs, faculty must blend a variety of teaching methodologies and tools to support their on-ground, online, and hybrid classes. BlendED is the learning management platform that integrates pedagogy with technology, removes the technical challenges associated with disparate systems, and eliminates geographical boundaries to advance education delivery.


Academia is heightened through a culture of collaboration. Yet before now, technology has never existed to promote global, professional interaction for faculty and academic administrators. CollaboratED is the first professional engagement platform designed to foster academic networking, engagement, mentoring, and collaboration across the globe. Now, faculty can embark on research, co-develop courses, host peer reviews, co-author scholarly articles, and more.


AHEA’s team is focused on building and cultivating a vibrant, collaborative community of higher education institutions who seek to engage more effectively and efficiently with current and potential students.

Quality Assurance


Superior Education Standards

By connecting higher education institutions and students from around the world, it is our hope that students from all walks of life will have access to quality education. AHEA’s Quality Assurance Measures (QAMs) ensure higher education institutions have met mutually accepted quality measures to make student mobility and transferring of academic credits easier and more consistent.