AHEA's Role in Higher Education

American Higher Education Alliance (AHEA) is founded with the mission to drive equity in higher education by connecting the global community through collaboration and shared learning experiences.


Through our partnerships with colleges and universities around the world, our organization contributes to the development of global citizens  through internationalized education, lifelong learning, and universal credentialing.

What’s So Special About AHEA?

AHEA has partnered with Tower Education Technologies to develop new solutions for higher education. We believe that technology should improve teaching and learning, not just manage student records. It should support skills development and graduate employment, not just degree attainment. Ultimately, it's EdTech's responsibility to help us adapt to the 21st century by engaging with one another as global citizens.

AHEA’s goal is to lower the barriers to global education through content, connection, and leadership. We support institutions of higher education so they can expand their footprint and make a greater impact in their students’ academic and career success. Our Quality Assurance Measures (QAMs), collaborative processes, and technology platform (InspirED™ by Tower Education Technologies) serve to enhance all aspects of higher education.

InspirED™ and AHEA together provide the methodologies, services, and tools enabling teaching, learning, educational diversity, and equality. The result is a highly skilled, productive graduate and lifelong learner who impacts their field while earning a competitive wage.