Dean Stanley is the Chief of Academics. He wants his students to succeed and his faculty to have the best tools and support possible. He consistently plans for his institution’s academic future, understanding his decisions must be made based on clear, actionable data.

Access Info with Ease

No matter which of the platform solutions Dean Stanley’s institution utilizes, he’ll have easy access to everything from one location.

Manage Calendars and Appointments

InspirED™ by Tower Education Technologies manages the calendars and important dates for each college Dean Stanley oversees. He can navigate to this information directly from his calendar.

Lead with Data-Driven Decisions

InspirED™ provides Dean Stanley with real-time access to the metrics he needs through ‘Reports & Assessments.’

He sees the reports relevant to him. In this case he routinely tracks his budget, retention rates, and graduation rates.

He can take advantage of this ‘snapshot’ view or he can drill into each report to further analyze the data.

Manage Data Views

Dean Stanley can manipulate his data views from inside the college retention analytics report.

Dive Into Details

By selecting 'Academic Delivery Method,' the dean aggregates the data to display retention rates of in-person, online, and blended delivery methods.

InspirED™ enables Dean Stanley to monitor both enrollments and retention to ensure they’re meeting university and departmental goals. The platform provides the metrics he needs to monitor student progress, showing him that the success strategies his institution has in place are effective.