Demo Library

See the InspirED™ platform in action.

Learn how faculty members:

  • Use a single login to avoid toggling between disparate systems.
  • Get matched with academic professionals who share similar goals.
  • Collaborate on course development with peers around the globe.
  • Create course information and course design milestones.
  • Submit a course to their institution for approval.

Hear what our faculty fellows have to say ...

One of the exciting things for me…is that we are able to provide feedback on the platform, InspirED™…so end users have a better experience when it’s fully developed.

Celeste González-Bustamante

Associate Professor, Journalism
University of Arizona

Something very positive about this virtual experience is that…now our Mexican students are going to be able to travel to the United States.

Lenin Martell

Professor, Journalism
Universidad Autónoma Del Estado de México

Being able to access data and analytics…can be a real tool to provide us…continued institutionalized support.

Mary Fanelli Ayala

Dean, Professor of Spanish
Eastern New Mexico University