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This past year has challenged colleges and universities around the world. Your educational delivery method and business model may have changed, but your mission remains resolute; to deliver academic excellence to your students.

At Tower Education Technologies, we understand your struggles, as well as your goals. That is why we design software solutions to support your institution and impact it in a positive and powerful way.

To put it simply, as higher education’s needs evolve, so do our technological offerings.

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is the only higher education platform that natively integrates a student information system, ConnectED™, a learning management system, BlendED™, and a professional engagement solution, CollaboratED™. It also combines operational highlights, performance reports, CRM, and analytics. In 2017 Tower formed a strategic partnership with American Higher Education Alliance (AHEA). Together we strive to help higher education institutions, like yours, elevate your students’ academic and career success.

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We know your time is precious. That is why we offer short, pre-recorded demos to provide insights into our innovative platform. Whether you’re a faculty member looking to collaborate, a CAO seeking clear, actionable data, or a student in need of critical academic, finance, and or student life info…


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“ Internationalization…is something that we want to transmit through AHEA and the wonderful platform that they have shared with us. 

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Discover how this nonprofit fulfilled its mission to support colleges and universities in their pursuit of institutional effectiveness, faculty collaboration and development, programmatic internationalization, and best-practice student engagement strategies.


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