Boca Raton, Florida July, 2019 - American Higher Education Alliance (AHEA), 501 (c) (3) not for profit organization serving higher education institutions in the United States and around the world, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Stephen Tippett as the first AHEA Technology and Curriculum Development Fellow. 


“Dr. Tippett is uniquely qualified to lead AHEA’s efforts of developing these needed technologies as we continue to support our member institutions,” said Benjamin Shank, AHEA’s Chief Executive Officer, “His tenure around the world, and in South America in particular, along with his considerable educational leadership background will allow him to contribute to and advance AHEA’s mission from day one,” continued Mr. Shank.  


Dr. Tippet will advise and contribute to the Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) and virtual exchange course development process of AHEA, as well as assist in the development of quality assurance standards for virtual exchange and other virtual classroom to classroom activities, and provide input of technologies that facilitate course and curriculum development projects and activities.


For the last fifteen years, Dr. Tippet’s work has been focused on international educational administration, most recently as an instructional designer for the US Department of State. Dr. Tippet led IT and course development efforts at Arcadia University and the State University of New York respectively. He has served as an integral part of a public sector international education development program in Santiago, Chile. Prior to that, Dr. Tippet served as a member of the Harvard University Center for International Development in Ibarra, Ecuador. 


“Incorporating technology as a tool for intercultural and international academic pursuits in higher education is gaining traction fast, and it’s changing the higher education landscape as we know it. It’s a wonderful way for higher education institutions to develop future leaders who have a global perspective and an appreciation for diverse cultures,” said Dr. Tippet, “I am delighted to join AHEA in this capacity to support its inspiring mission,” continued Dr. Tippet. 


In accordance with its mission, AHEA is developing technologies and software that will advance the institutional effectiveness and the internationalization of higher education through faculty collaboration, research, courses, programs, and curriculum development.


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