American Higher Education Alliance Announces Free Membership for 12 Months

Boca Raton, FL. June 1, 2021

American Higher Education Alliance (AHEA), a nonprofit organization focused on promoting internationalization and equity in higher education, announced today that it is offering a year-long free membership to individual faculty and administrators who apply between June 1 and September 1, 2021. In addition to networking, professional development and academic resources anchored in the Alliance’s Quality Assurance Measures, a key member benefit is the inclusion of the InspirED™ platform by Tower Education Technologies.

InspirED contains the CollaboratED™ solution, the world’s first professional development and engagement solution designed for faculty and academic administrators. The cloud-based software overcomes campus technology barriers and collaborator differences of time zones and languages, and makes it easy for faculty to identify professional interests, search and find matches for project partners, and create courses, curriculum, certificate programs, and more.

“These last 15 months have shown how amazing faculty are at adapting to challenging circumstances,” said Karli Grant, President of AHEA. “At a time when institutions are struggling budget-wise, we want to recognize the continued contributions faculty make to their academic fields and reward them with a free membership and access to technology and valuable services that make it easier for them to collaborate on a global level.”

“At the same time, we want to acknowledge our EdTech development partner, Tower Education Technologies,” continued Grant. “Tower understood our mission and vision and created a platform that is literally the first of its kind in the world, and this is going to be an incredible asset to our membership.”

“We are proud to be launching the InspirED platform, and grateful for the insight and feedback garnered through our partnership with AHEA,” stated Benjamin Shank, CEO of Tower. “We understand the challenges that educators and institutions face, and providing cutting-edge technology that is affordable and accessible is part of our mission to help deliver academic excellence to students.”

To apply for membership to AHEA, go to .

About AHEA
American Higher Education Alliance (AHEA) is founded with the mission to drive equity in higher education by connecting the global community through international collaboration and learning experiences. Through its partnerships with colleges and universities around the world, the nonprofit organization contributes to the development of future leaders worldwide through internationalized education, lifelong learning, and universal credentialing.

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About Tower Education Technologies
Tower Education Technologies (Tower) was founded with the mission to build innovative technology to impact higher education institutions in a positive and productive way. The company’s flagship product, InspirED™, is the only higher education platform that natively integrates a student information system, ConnectED™, a learning management system, BlendED™, and a professional engagement solution, CollaboratED™. It also combines operational highlights, performance reports, CRM, and analytics.

In 2017 Tower formed a strategic partnership with American Higher Education Alliance (AHEA). Together these organizations support institutions of higher education so they can expand their footprint and make a greater impact in faculty development, and their students’ academic and career success. As a result, the InspirED platform has empowered students and institutional stakeholders at colleges and universities in Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, China, Latin America, and North America.

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