Relationship Amplifies International Collaboration Opportunities for Member Institutions

Boca Raton, FL

American Higher Education Alliance (AHEA), a nonprofit organization focused on promoting and facilitating internationalization and equity in higher education, announced today a strategic alliance agreement with ISEP Study Abroad to promote international faculty collaboration through the use of AHEA’s InspirED™ platform.

AHEA launched its membership program in June 2021 and began offering the InspirED cloudbased platform as a benefit in July of that year. To date, over 200 institutions, departments, and individual members from nearly 30 countries have joined the organization. Partnering with ISEP Study Abroad enables AHEA to offer membership to an additional 350 institutions that are already focusing on global experiences for faculty and students.

“Partnering with ISEP enables AHEA to further amplify its faculty collaboration and course development services on an international level,” said Karli Grant, President of AHEA. “The InspirED platform, along with our Quality Assurance Measures (QAM), supports the development and delivery of intercultural learning whether faculty are new to the process or very experienced. Combined with ISEP’s expertise in student mobility and global university engagement, our joint members can feel confident that their new courses will meet desired learning outcomes as well as academic credentialing standards.”

“Our partnership with AHEA expands the benefits we offer faculty from our member and affiliate institutions,” said John Lucas, President and CEO of ISEP. “Together we will empower instructors from different colleges and universities around the world to develop and teach new courses that will enhance cross-cultural awareness and experiences, and our community will continue to create valuable and cost-effective virtual opportunities, internationalizing the classroom while providing access and equity to a greater number of students. This results in a positive impact not only for faculty, but for students and the institution overall.”

The InspirED platform, available to all AHEA members, includes three solutions designed for faculty, students and administrators. The flagship product, CollaboratED™, is an international networking, professional development and engagement solution created for faculty and academic administrators to create new academic offerings, conduct research and partner together for other scholarly works. BlendED™ is a modern learning management system (LMS) that integrates pedagogy with virtual classroom technologies, removes the technical challenges associated with disparate systems, and eliminates geographical boundaries for learners and instructors. The final component to the suite is ConnectED™, a mobile app which bolsters students’ academic life and connects them with credentialing, resume building, and job matching. It also supports virtual classrooms, meetings, calendars, and communication for higher education institutions around the globe, making it the perfect tool for students, faculty, and staff to connect whenever they are on the go.

Individual and institution level memberships to AHEA remain free for 2022. To apply for membership, go to .

About AHEA

American Higher Education Alliance (AHEA) is founded with the mission to drive equity in higher education by connecting the global community through international collaboration and learning experiences. Through its partnerships with colleges and universities around the world, the nonprofit organization contributes to the development of future leaders worldwide through internationalized education, lifelong learning, and universal credentialing.

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About ISEP Study Abroad

ISEP Study Abroad is a non-profit organization that has partnered with universities and colleges in the United States and around the world for more than 40 years. Today, ISEP is the largest global community for study, intern, and volunteer abroad programs. Our more than 350 member and affiliate institutions across over 50 countries trust us to help them achieve their internationalization goals through our unmatched access to high-quality, affordable, andimmersive academic programs for their students.

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