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American Higher Education Alliance (AHEA) was founded as a nonprofit in 2017. The founding principles are to develop innovative education technologies that emphasize institutional growth, faculty and curriculum development, and student engagement while lowering the cost of technology.

AHEA’s InspirED™ platform natively integrates a student information system ConnectED™, a learning management system BlendED™, and a professional engagement system CollaboratED™. It also combines operational highlights, performance reports, CRM, and analytics.

InspirED is based on education theories and best practices, combined with current and innovative technologies. This fully integrated, single sign-on platform is designed to provide colleges and universities the tools to identify and assess their strengths, challenges, and efficiencies to further enhance their operational models and better serve and prepare new student populations for the rapidly-evolving world.

“Our sector faces the daunting challenge of balancing a budget without compromising academic integrity. We will have to answer this question: does higher education’s current model meet the needs of today’s constituents? We need to identify transformative options that would meet our needs and better serve our students, faculty, and staff,” said Benjamin Shank, CEO of AHEA.

American Higher Education Alliance is building a global network of partner institutions and organizations. Through its global network, member institutions will be able to collaborate on multiple academic activities such as faculty development, co-curricular development, and student exchange programs. The alliance network is to serve as a vehicle for the promotion of global understanding, social stability and acceptance, cultural appreciation, and scientific information exchange. Member institutions have the ability to grow beyond local and national borders and reach students who value their institutional, academic, and cultural characteristics, either virtually or on-campus.

“The InspirED platform is free to our member institutions. Its data driven algorithms and predictive reporting highlights students’ needs and potential obstacles, as well as celebrates their individual achievements. Academic advisors, student services personnel, and departments across campus can focus less on technology, and more on helping every student,” said Shank. “We cherish our institutional and programmatic characteristics. We value our unique teaching and learning cultural environment, so let’s focus on that, these are the reasons we are here. The platform is simply a tool to help us reach the solution, how we define our values and the paths to implement our vision is the key.”

About AHEA

American Higher Education Alliance (AHEA) is a nonprofit educational organization focuses on providing member institutions education theories and best practice-based technologies to support higher education institutions around the world. To learn more visit